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In this hour of the ever changing season, may our tears not douse the fire in our hearts.may our minds and eyes both end the lies in question. may we come together when we fall apart. tell your brothers & tell your sisters. it may take some time, but something’s got to give. 


my flowers taped to pens merch came today and i got a free copy of the constitution


i also got this rad tape with my order so that’s cool too

Mystery Tape from Driftwood Records


Settler is a three piece emo band from Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA. dissociation songs (in the key of F) is their 3rd EP and their fifth release overall. Settler play a slightly dissonant brand of emo run through a lofi filter. These songs are equal parts energetic punk and distorted emo with some shoegazing post rock thrown in for good measure. It is being pressed on vinyl as a 7” by Sorry Girls Records and Driftwood Records. If you’re looking for some energetic indie punk with that emo bent to it, Settler's dissociation songs (in the key of F) will serve well.


These just came in. Thanks, driftwoodrecs.


Settler - Glass Half Empty: Songs By Settler, Played By Settler

First Pressing | Driftwood Records | DWR200 | Transparent | 25

49 plays Space, man. Settler Born To Whisper
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563 plays she's clean buddy and he's got her (glaciers yes glaciers)[DEMO, DEMO] SETTLER sshhhhh


hey hey check out this new settler demo for a new cassette cassingle single our very apologetic friend is releasing