Here are some of the lyrics from a new Flowers Taped To Pens song thats going to be on a rad split:

I’ll bite through my cheek to prove I’m still here

You can’t replace the feeling of adapting to feel at all

Nihilistic, reserved, defensive, and not unheard, so praise yourself for

Being, alive, as the masochistic dance goes on

Soft breath, black lungs, empty sighs, tired cries, 

I can’t recall a time when we cherished condition

We are insecurities packed in perfectly frail bodies, isn’t that the complexity that we romanticized? With a self deprived notion that things won’t get better.


I think I finally fell in love with someone tbh 

This is a cover of “Heartbeat” by I Kill Cameron 

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Hey everyone! As you know, I recently relocated out to the Los Angeles area and bought a car. The savings I brought out here are slowly dwindling and I’m scared of where I might end up if they run out. I’m working pretty hard on getting a job, but until then, my only money coming in is from digital downloads and merch. So if you’re a teen with some cash to spare, please please please help me out (beg yr parents for money). Or if you’re another struggling half-adult without any money to spare, don’t feel bad and keep on pirating my music (it’s totally ok!). You are all my friends, my peers, and (especially right now) my livelihood!

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Thank you all so much for your continued support. When I started releasing all these songs, I never expected in a million years to have such a rad and loving fan base. I simply don’t deserve you.


Day 7/365
I Still Don’t Want To Be Sad - Human Kitten

And I am sad most of the time
But you can’t see it, cause I keep it inside
But something in the stars at night makes me feel like one day I might
Never have to prescribe to another medication for the rest of my life


am i tough???

Flowers Taped to Pens - Nice to Meet You, I Hate You (San Diego, California)



Who It Is: Flowers Taped to Pens – Nice to Meet You, I Hate You; Driftwood Records (2013) 

What it Sounds Like: Dikembe, Castevet, Suis La Lune


I think that might be the most nonsensical set of comparisons I’ve ever put together for this site, but honestly, I can’t think of a proper way to describe Flowers Taped to Pens. And I know, thinking of proper ways to describe bands is kind of my job as the reviewer, but I don’t feel like this is a case of mental block. Instead, it’s a tribute to the incredibly unique brand of emo these San Diegans have been able to pull together since their formation in April. Nice to Meet You, I Hate You was clearly influenced by a multitude of genres as diverse as post rock, screamo, Midwest twinkle, and shoegaze. Best of all, Flowers Taped to Pens were able to pull together these influences to produce a really cool album.

Nice to Meet You, I Hate You oscillates regularly between slow lo-fi songs and fast, heavier punk. The screaming is constrained and high-pitched, reminiscent of bands like Alta and Gas Up Yr Hearse!, but this harder vocal style is balanced by the noticeable lack of heavy distortion. The second song, “How Can Hip Hop Be Dead if Wu Tang is Forever?”, perfectly showcases the band’s talents, blending this tight screaming style with punk yells and a lead guitar that could have been lifted off a Pity Sex record.

It’s not all smooth sailing for Flowers Taped To Pens, though. The beginning of their album definitely caught my attention, but the middle section gets a bit lost in a dim fog of post rock. I definitely understand the feeling; post-rock is really fun to write and play. It’s easy enough to make an average post-rock song. But, it’s hard to make a good post-rock song. These are definitely average post-rock songs, and Nice to Meet You, I Hate You struggles when the band gets bogged down in crescendos and speech samples.

Before they could lose my attention, though, “Chased Through the Woods By George Lopez (The CPS Officer) grabbed it again. The album’s final track is a return to raw, emotive screaming and a true sense of direction, and it’s a really encouraging sign for the band’s future. Watch out for Flowers Taped To Pens as they prepare even bigger future releases.

Overall Rating: 7.4/10



- Ben Curttright

Benjamin Thaddeus Curttright is a man of few names (in fact that isn’t his middle name, it’s merely a placeholder for he has so few names). There are many questions unanswered when brought to light about this enigma of an individual like “what could he be hiding in those curly golden locks of his?” or “will there ever be an american football reunion?” These questions will eventually be answered as Ben the Maddeus Wizardeus continues to guide along his path of enlightenment. He is ageless, timeless, and has existed since the mid 1800’s, but what we do know is that beyond his lanky, white boy visage, hides a deeper, demonic force behind his eyes. We can only wait and see when El SuperBenjamino will be released.


Aziz is putting that marketing major to good use.

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ferrets are ridiculous

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66 plays SHITMACHINE! Days N' Daze Days N' Daze//Broken Bow Split

This is a shitshow, it’s a disaster

But it’s everything I’ve ever wanted

and I wouldn’t trade it for the world

All my friends are dirtbags, my friends are assholes

But I love ‘em just the way they are

and I wouldn’t change a thing