I get asked a lot how I’m able to offer things for so cheap and still make money.
The answer is, we really don’t.
Our profit margins are really small, because we price everything so people can afford to buy it
We go to great lengths to keep all our music free, and we suggest that if you want to pay for digital music, you give the money directly to the bands, so we make little to no money from digital sales, often spending money in order to keep it free
Basically, if you can afford to, pay more than is asked of you at shows for the door or for merch or for digital music, because it helps keep bands touring and labels in business 

We need YOU to help sustain our grassroots capitalism!
All of our items in the store are Name Your Price with a minimum, so if you ever feel like paying more, we would all appreciate it, not that we don’t appreciate you paying the minimum either

408 plays Now I Know Flowers Taped to Pens Nice To Meet You, I Hate You


I don’t want to die 

But I think about dying all the time


Thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we moved into our new place and set up our new online store. As an appreciation of your patience, we’re giving you cheap shit. Love you! Go buy yourself something punk.

only a few hours left


Received a cool care package from Zegema Beach after waiting for the Youth Novel tapes for a while. Worth the wait. Support your local labels

38 plays You Are Alive (I Am Alone) Settler dissociation songs (in the key of F)


And I’m not fine


This guys lyrics are rad a’f.

46 plays Day Gaunts Days n' Daze Rogue Taxidermy


i just want to get some rest, i’m oh-so tired of being wired all the time



i have school in the morning


I’M REALLY CONTEMPLATING TO BUY THAT SKRAMZ SHIRT but i know i will never wear it ever

get a back patch instead!

US/JP Spotlight: Vowel


Vowel are from Columbus, OH. They play screamo with really awesome melodies and violin parts. I first heard them on their split with the great Coma Regalia, and totally fell in love. They’ve done several splits since their debut full-length in 2012, so hopefully we’ll be due for another album…


We’ve added a bunch of new/distro items to the store and we’re having a sale! Use promo code “snoopdoggtodd” for 20% off your order.

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New Releases:

  • SLUTEVER flexi postcards
  • Whorecough demo tapes


  • The Exploration “Demography” tapes
  • Neck First “I Can Feel My Skin Crawl” tapes
  • Sinai Vessel “Profanity” tapes
  • Bag of Bones “Dimension” tapes
  • LONER CHIC “Pretty Void” tapes
  • Sleep Weather “Two Wheels Spinning” tapes

Buy everything and make us rich!